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Can you package my cargo if i bring it to your office?

We can offer you a comprehensive packaging service that you will be very happy with. Come and bring all your cargo to the office and we will be more than happy to get your cargo delivered to Bangladesh securely. When you buy your cargo online today you can simply get the stuff to us and we will have all the packaging materials ready. Our team of experts will make sure you are happy with the packaging box, wrapping, taping, and the security of any parcel we make for your cargo to Bangladesh. You will kindly tell us if its ready to go! We will then send it to Bangladesh!

How long does it take to go to Bangladesh?

Cargo deliveries to Bangladesh can take around 4 – 7 days to arrive. There are 2 or 3 flights in a week that goes to Bangladesh from the UK – One during the week and one during the weekend. Once your parcel has reached our depo in London we will check the weight and start preparing the paperwork. 4 – 7 days duration is a estimate only and does not include any flight delays. Is your parcel urgent? Tell us ASAP if your cargo to Bangladesh is urgent so we can make sure it is in the front of the airway bill. Sometimes if services are running good then your parcel will go to Bangladesh within 5 days. This is mainly off-peak season when the flights are not over booked.

Can you offer me door to door cargo to Bangladesh?

If you are looking for the most reliable door to door cargo to Bangladesh courier service in the UK then you found it! We arrange your cargo to be picked up from the airport and transported to your door step within hours of it landing in Bangladesh. Secure and trusted courier service in the UK, we boast excellent customer service and great value for money. The delivery charges are based on what you are sending and the amount of kg getting carried. In most cased it will not exceed the amount of £10 for the door to door cargo service to Bangladesh.

Who do I contact in Bangladesh?

No one! When your item reaches Bangladesh our office will call you. Dont worry! when all the cargo is custom cleared in the airport and goes to our office they will call the customer in Bangladesh for double check where the cargo is going. You don’t have to do anything!