Forwarding & Logistics

Discover the most economical international shipping and express delivery service with E-One Cargo. Use our air freight and ocean freight services to deliver goods and parcels to destinations worldwide.


Bangladesh Rate

£3.10 P/KG

We are specialist in quick deliveries to Bangladesh. We have been making deliveries to Dhaka, Chittagong, Sylhet and other cities in Bangladesh through our network of delivery points, agents and representative working in Bangladesh for E-One Cargo.


Africa Rate

£6.95 P/KG

Contact us with the weight of your personal items and the dimensions of your suitcase or bag. The minimum weight of shipment we export to Africa is 45kg. There is no maximum weight, and you can send as much as you want. We offer discounts for items greater than 100kgs for most countries.


Europe Rate

£4.95 P/KG

Our solid partnership with the biggest delivery names in the businesses including DHL, Fedex, TnT and UPS has meant we are able to provide our customers with the best cargo prices available. On most occasions, our prices are cheaper then the big delivery names!

Our Courier Services

Express Delivery

Express Delivery

Our Express delivery service is linked with DHL, which provides you with a wide range of delivery options around the world.

Unbeatable Price

Unbeatable Price

You get the same reliability as that of the DHL which serves more than 200 countries around the world. The only difference is that our rates are much cheaper than the normal DHL rates.

Amazing Service

Amazing Service

We have offices and agents located all over the United Kingdom. Its quick and easy to communicate with us.

Our Partnerships

Our Partnerships

Having over 10 years of experience in providing international shipping and logistics, we have made connections with the biggest names in the business.

Worldwide Cargo

Worldwide Cargo

E-One Cargo can deliver your shipment to any country around the World. Contact our office and find out the latest rates for your destination.

Direct Cargo Flights

Direct Cargo Flights

All shipments are sent directly to your destination with no layovers. We are the most quick and efficient cargo company in the UK. Give us a try.

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Pakistan Cargo

Sending Cargo To Pakistan
0.000 10.000 45.00
11.000 20.000 4.50
21.000 1000.000 3.49
Notice : Upto 10KG minimum charge is £45.00
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Bangladesh Cargo

Sending Cargo to Bangladesh
0.000 10.000 25.00
11.000 20.000 35.00
21.000 1000.000 3.10
Notice : Minimum charge is £25.00


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Worldwide Cargo

Sending Cargo to Other Countries
0.000 10.000 65.00
11.000 20.000 6.50
21.000 1000.000 4.49
Notice : Upto 10KG minimum charge is £65.00
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